The Environmentally Responsible Company

As concern for sustainable, living environments grows, being a responsible Environmental citizen is our priority. "Environmentally Responsible" means investing time, care, energy, resources to conserving clean air, and the reuse of production processes and materials. J. Josephson Inc. is a recognized leader in providing quality contract wallcoverings, utilizing up-to-date Eco-efficient manufacturing processes.

Recycling: Our State-of-the-Art printing facility re-uses and recycles printing inks. The printing presses have a closed loop ink system: All of the inks are sent to a still and recycled.

Regulatory: The Clean Air Act of 1999 standardized and set new regulations for the entire printing industry. J. Josephson, Inc. meets and exceeds the following standards: Federal EPA requirements, The Clean Air and Water Acts, OSHA regulations, and the state of New Jersey Regulatory requirements.

Energy Efficiency: A by-product of the emission destruction process is creation of energy. This energy is used to power our machines and reduces the overall requirements to operating our facility.

Sustainability: Using J. Josephson Inc. wallcovering is, Environmentally, advantageous for many reasons:

  • Durable and sustainable. J. Josephson Inc. wallcovering lasts a long time and does not need to be replaced regularly.
  • Easy to maintain and low in cost, by using environmentally friendly soap and water.
  • Provides a wealth of timeless and decorative designs.

We are very sensitive to making sure that we maintain a clean and safe Environment. With the investment of capital and time, our diligent monitoring of emissions, and use of state-of-the-art equipment, J. Josephson, Inc. demonstrates that Environmental Responsibility is priority number one.

J. Josephson Environmental Policy

It is the policy of J. Josephson, Inc. to ensure that the activities, products, and services carried out here will be appropriate toward meet-and-exceed compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements to which it subscribes.

We recognize the interrelationship of productive efficiency with environmental impact. Therefore, while our commitment to the customer is still a top priority, we will also work toward continuous improvement and pollution prevention. To achieve this, we will also set and review environmental objectives and targets within the framework of a documented, implemented and effectively communicated program.

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